Founded in 2006, CNCT specializes in sheet metal fabrication including shearing, punching, laser cutting, bending, drilling and tapping, welding & spot welding, tool and die making and machining. HongKong CNCT founded in 2011, it is the window of CNCT for the foreign trade.

Within our 30,000sq.m. building, antistatic climate controlled room, we offer full-service electro-mechanical assembly to your specifications.

Skilled craftsmen, with years of specialized knowledge and understanding, fabricate parts to specified tolerances. At CNCT, we're confident that we offer a far more cost-effective and low-risk solution than our competitor. So when the success of your business depends on the ultimate in quality control, precision, timeliness, and service, you can trust your metal working needs to CNCT.

An essential requirement of the continuing maintenance and development of the Company's objectives is the implementation and certification of the quality system to ISO 9001:2008 status.

CNCT recognizes that the disciplines of quality, health & safety and environmental management are an integral part of its management function. The organization views these as a primary responsibility and to be the key to good business in adopting appropriate quality standards.
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